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How would you and family cope financially if you were diagnosed with a Critical Illness? 

It’s easy to think that the good health we enjoy now will last forever. No one knows what’s around the corner and being diagnosed with a life threatening illness could incur unforeseen expenditure or loss of income that might leave you and your family in financial difficulty.  Have you thought how being diagnosed with a critical illness will impact you? How will it affect your financial situation and your future plans. 



Investing in critical illness insurance will remove the worry of how you might cope in the event of falling seriously ill. If you are diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses defined in your policy, a one-off lump sum or monthly income will be paid, ensuring your mortgage, rent, bills or living expenses are covered. This can provide you and your family with financial stability so you can concentrate on getting back to full health.

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What Conditions Does Critical Illness Policy Cover?

Typically a critical illness policy covers many different illnesses. It is usual for major conditions such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis etc.

However, this varies by insurer – as different insurers will specify the level of severity of the condition that they will cover it’s really important you choose the insurer who gives you the covers the things most important to you. Our advisors will listen to your needs and talk you through your options to get the right level of cover for you and make sure you know what your insured for.

What Conditions Are Excluded

Usually any alcohol or drugs abuse related illness is excluded, as is pregnancy and any illnesses due to self harm.
Exclusions can vary from insurer to insurer and your adviser will be able to tell you what these are.

Whats The Difference Between terminal Illness Cover and Critical Illness Cover?

Terminal illness cover is usually included on life insurance policies at no extra cost.

It could pay out your chosen amount of cover if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a life expectancy of 12 months or less, rather than on your death. Critical illness cover is available when you buy your life insurance at an additional cost.

It’s designed to pay out your chosen amount of cover if you’re diagnosed with one of the policy’s specified critical illnesses during the term of the policies even if you are not going to die due to the illness. This can help cover major expenses such as paying off your mortgage/debts, covering your bills or helping make home improvements to make things easier.

Are Critical Illness Payments Tax Free?

Yes! A personal critical illness policy will pay out a tax-free lump sum.

How Much Cover Do I Need?

The amount of cover you should take out will depend on your situation, for example the size of your debt and outgoing expenses, as well the size of your family.

When you talk to us we’ll undertake a thorough review of your situation and make recommendations to help you reach the right decision so you get the right cover for your needs.

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